Plant B, Sapes, Rodopi

Marking a new era for Pharmathen’s entrepreneurial and economic activity in the local and the international markets, the company’s new state of the art manufacturing facility at Sapes, Rodopi, commenced operations in early 2010. The Rodopi unit was designed to comply with the strictest European and American GMP standards.

Pharmathen’s production plant is the largest investment made in the pharmaceutical field in the last 30 years in Greece and it was completed at a time when the recession and negative economic indicators dominated the Greek market. The total area of the new unit is 17,000 sq. m. while its production capacity is 3 billion tablets and 2 billion capsules on  an annual basis.

Today, Pharmathen is investing another 15 million euros in Sapes, Plant B in order to strengthen its capacity for producing Long-acting Injectables technology. Through the development of the breakthrough innovative Long-acting Injectables technology, we are changing the perception of conventional injectable medication, improving the effectiveness of drug therapy and enhancing patient compliance.

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