Corporate Social Responsibility

It is important that our employees know about our commitment to social corporate responsibility, understand their responsibilities and keep up to date with our progress.
Therefore we instantly inform our personnel regarding CSR practices at Pharmathen via emails, intranet services and our monthly newsletter.
Through all these means they participate in the following Pharmathen CSR practices as they recognize that CSR is not only an enterprising issue but a personal issue.

Pharmathen Academy

Pharmathen has developed an internal educational academy offering all its employees and their children the possibility to develop their skills in a variety of topics such as foreign languages, music, chemistry, logistics, finance, human resources management etc.
Pharmathen academy hosts all of its employees either as trainers or as trainees. Our main goal in to remain a learning organization, that instantly develops its human capital and enables people to exchange knowledge and ideas.

Pharmathen Society

Corporate Social Responsibility and charity is not limited to business practices but extends also to personal practices. Pharmathen empowers its people by encouraging all of them to be part of this activity by participating in volunteer teams.
Pharmathen’s people choose their team members and suggest ideas for charity work to the management which have to be implemented by them. In 2010 Pharmathen Society groups offered 3000€ to society.

Corporate Blood Bank

Pharmathen recognizes its social responsibility towards its employees and has a corporate blood bank for its personnel’s needs. Employees are informed by the PR department of the dates for voluntary blood donation.
If an employee or an employee’s relative needs Pharmathen’s assistance in this important issue, do contact the PR department for further information.

Employee Satisfaction

Our aim is for every Pharmathen employee to feel satisfied with their work and their colleagues, and to understand our business objectives and performance.
We communicate on a regular basis with our workforce to provide updates about our progress towards our strategic goals and business changes, to listen to their feedback and to adopt innovative ideas. We use a variety of communications channels to ensure we reach as many employees as possible, which include but are not limited to:

  • Face to face communications during conference, corporate meetings, team briefings.
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Annual Employee Satisfaction Survey open to everyone at Pharmathen
  • Focus groups open to all employees, where we can exchange ideas and listen to potential complaints.
  • Emails, which provide updates on company and industry news.
  • Induction programs that provide new employees with an overview of Pharmathen activities and culture.

Sponsorships and charities

Pharmathen is always sensitive to social and community issues and needs, and tries to contribute whenever possible to those causes. Over the last couple of years Pharmathen has been involved with several charities and sponsorships including but not limited to:

  • Institute of Provision & Education
  • Children's Hospital Agia Sofia
  • Friends of Hematological Clinic Association
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Scientific Research
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Scientific Meeting at the Dept. of Chemistry
  • University of Patras - Development of Nano-particle Formulations
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - MEDICTA 2005
  • Nongovernmental organizations (Unicef, Make a Wish, SOS Children's Villages)
  • It also supported numerous sport and cultural clubs as well as initiatives by the local authorities in the municipalities of Pallini and Sapes, etc.