Think Green, give earth a chance
The environment and its protection is an essential part of our CSR strategy and an overall commitment to promoting our green credentials and policies through environmental stewardship. We are focused on eliminating the environmental impact of our operations and even though Pharmathen is a nonpolluting industry we actively try to improve our industrial methods and become more environmentally friendly.

In doing so, we have established the energy efficient design of our buildings and facilities and we recycle materials, papers, all ink cartridges and electrical equipment. We also cooperate with leading companies such as Polyeko SA & Intergeo to manage industrial waste. Thus, by converting all industrial waste into alternative fuel, we drive our environmental sustainability forward. 

We have carried out our environmental policy that highlights the main areas of environmental stewardship:
  • Application of the proper measures and programs for preventing and limiting any possible pollution, protection of natural recipients and confrontation on emergency issues.
  • Evaluation, control and monitoring of the environmental consequences of the existing activities, including the evaluation and anticipation of the consequences resulting from the application of new production procedures when producing a new product or service.
  • Strict application and compliance with relevant environmental laws, regulations and additional requirements accepted.
  • Investments in anti-pollution technology directed at a continuous improvement of the environmental performance with the assistance of measurements, analyses and statistic processes of the environmental indexes.
  • Manufacturing facilities are designed and constructed according to: EU and FDA requirements, PIC/S, ICH, WHO, ISPE, ISO 14644, ISO 8573 and VDI 2083