Invest in International Expansion

Pharmathen operates in all 5 continents through a carefully selected network of licensors, distributors and affiliates, marketing the existing portfolio of the group but more importantly paving the future for the products under development.

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Pharmathen’s global reach is controlled and headquartered from its offices in the UK, and along with the  regional offices in the form of Rep offices in Brazil, Jordan and the USA, provide the group with the ability to  ensure optimal  client service at all levels with experienced local teams. Pharmathen’s global operations are structured and  managed in order to attain the highest possible market penetration of Pharmathen’s pipeline in the international market.
Today,Pharmathen’s in-house development products of Pharmathen are registered in all major EU markets and licensed out to the largest pharmaceutical companies in Europe, Canada, Australia, South Africa and the United States. Recently Pharmathen’s reach increased tremendously to also cover the emerging generic markets in MENA, LATAM and APAC, with an emphasis on the growing Chinese market.
Our competitive edge is characterized by cost-effective development and production, creative marketing and added value customer service. Pharmathen currently through strategic partnerships has a significant presence in more than 85 countries with more than 5000 Marketing Authorizations worldwide, creating strong partnerships with all major companies.