• 1969Establishment of Pharmathen by the pharmacist Nikolaos Katsos
  • 1972Commencement of manufacturing activities
  • 1975First in house development
  • 1993Leadership passes to Vassilios Katsos and Nelly Katsou
  • 1998Strategic refocusing of business activities targeting the international market
  • 2002Launch of Pharmathen’s first product to the E.U. (Fluconazole)
  • 2006Inauguration of API research facility in Thessaloniki, aiming at vertical integration
  • 2010Acquisition of a research facility for API synthesis in India
  • 2010Global presence extends to 65 countries
  • 2010Commencement of operations at our new manufacturing unit in Sapes, North Greece
  • 2011Initiation of new R&D activities focused on specialty products
  • 2012The Group exceeds the landmark of €150 million in turnover
  • 2012Initiation of new commercial activities for pharmacies in Greece, representing renowned international brands
  • 2013First product launch and commencement of business activities in the United States
  • 2014First Greek Company financed by European Investment Bank
  • 2015Front runners in Long Acting Injectables (LAI) technologies & Preservative Free Ophthalmics
  • 2015Acquisition of a majority stake of shares of the Group from the investment group BC Partners