Logistics function as part of the intergraded, company supply chain,  focused on satisfying demand at best cost. Our target is to “Deliver superior customer service to our customers and partners”.

We invest in our people

  • Logistics employee’s, evaluation, training, and recognition, programs, drives work efficiency and productivity. We operate according to high Safety & Hygiene standards that ensure the quality of products and the continuity of operations . Pharmathen was voted in 2011 as one of the best workplaces in Greece. Logistics-qualified personnel  enjoy working in the team, and are always looking for new challenges. In co-operation with our customers supply departments, we run common projects to increase service level and reduce total logistics cost.

We invest in new innovative technologies

  • In co-operation with a team of experts in the IT department we invest in technologies that allow us to be more effective and competitive. All Pharmathen logistics premises are in compliance with the highest standards of the industry. Inventory and product transactions are managed with SAP RF warehouse management system.

We operate according to GMP standards

  • Logistics operations are in full compliance with GMP standards. There are internal and external audits that help us evaluate  and improve our operations.

We work with the best service providers

  • In co-operation with the purchasing department we run yearly market surveys that allow us to co-operate with the best service providers in the logistics industry. Pharmathen economies of scales, give us the capability to provide excellent service at a very competitive cost. We set high service standards and measure performance. (Transportation companies, international forwarders, custom officers, Pallet providers, 3PL).

We care for the environment

  • Waste management is a top priority for all our operations. Authorized recycling companies are involved in this. In an on-going process Pharmathen is looking for better practices that will result in a better environment.