Invest in People
We are committed to offering a work place that gives all employees the opportunity to maximize their performance as a team. This is also evident from Pharmathen’s consecutive distinctions among the 10 Great Places to Work for the years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016.

Our Corporate Events, New Year corporate event, Family Days, Beach Party, CSR Events etc. help us to strengthen employee engagement, build corporate culture, strengthening our distinction as a Best Place to Work. Our events provide our people with the opportunity to stay aligned with our corporate strategy, become aware of our corporate distinctions and success stories of our company and stay connected by getting to know each other. 

Team Building activities are organized aiming to motivate our employees and continuously increase their performance by exploring new ways of collaborating towards a common target. 
For example our Sales teams (both new as well as existing employees) often participate in our Team Building activities which focus on getting to know each other through ice-breaking, to become an effective team through knowledge games about the products that they would promote and finally to endorse our corporate culture.

Acquiring and developing key skills & talent
Our people are a core aspect of Pharmathen’s competitive advantage. We attract and retain inspired key talents with a high level of expertise and know-how driving our business forward. At Pharmathen, we choose candidates through an effective selection and recruitment process.

We always seek people that are a fair-fit to the role and the organization through a competency-based interviews which are aligned with our corporate competencies: Integrity, Innovation, Achievement Orientation, Customer Service Orientation, Leadership, Teamwork, Change Management and Initiative. Along with the interview process all shortlisted candidates go through an online assessment test.

The graph below refers to Pharmathen's headcount for the financial years 2014-2016.

Table Gender Diversity
The table below represents the percentage of women in the total headcount and in managerial roles within the last 3 years.

People Development
Being a leader in the global market makes us even more committed to strengthening the development of our people. Our employees are the driving force behind our success. We embrace them with pride and trust and empower them to achieve operational excellence through knowledge sharing and continuous improvement.

Our true source of growth and innovation
Our key priority is to maintain a working environment, where all employees are aware of their contribution to the company’s objectives, offering the opportunity to achieve self-awareness and continuous development and to maintain our culture of education by ensuring that all employees are provided with the appropriate knowledge, skills and cultivation needed to meet our business objectives.

Our main goal is to encourage our employees to participate in their own career development plan keeping them aware of their performance through daily feedback, sense of equity and chances for development. From time to time we enhance the existing process with Self-Assessment approach, which gives our employees the opportunity to be further involved in their career development.

In parallel, the company invests in training & development programs, such as in-house courses, open seminars, participation in international programs, coaching and mentoring. Along these lines, Pharmathen Academy, an in-house employee educational program, offers all employees the opportunity to share knowledge with each other.

During the last years, Pharmathen Academy has offered various programs such as Spanish, Business English, People Management, MS Office and more. We also believe that the demanding environment of Pharmathen is a key factor to our employees’ development path. 
Pharmathen is the place where our employees are offered the opportunity to practice and develop their skills by being exposed to great challenges.

Health & Safety
We simultaneously focus on creating and maintaining a safe working environment. The success of our Health & Safety program lies in the continuous control and improvement of facilities which is evidenced by the low indicators of high potential incidents. 

Acquiring and developing key skills & talent
Acquiring and developing key skills & talent