Company Profile

We are one of the leading complex drug delivery and formulation developers, using our key in-house technologies to support improved patient compliance. We service a broad partner network of over 250 customers in over 80 countries throughout Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia, Australasia and Southern Africa.

Our portfolio consists of over 100 products, and today we are working on one of the most extensive and advanced pipelines in Long Acting Injectables, Sustained Release formulations and Preservative Free Ophthalmics, produced in our in-house US-FDA and EU-approved facilities.

In Long Acting Injectables all 3 key technology platforms (Microspheres, Nanosuspensions and Nano-Gels) are fully validated to commercial scale across multiple products in multiple countries. These platforms now support the enrichment of our pipeline with our selection of Long-Acting Therapeutic Technologies (LATTs) which target enhanced patient compliance for existing drug delivery methods and support Life Cycle Management (LCM) opportunities. In addition, through the utilization of these key technologies, we offer the industry partnering solutions either for new drug candidates or for new and existing partners to identify their own LATT candidates.

We proudly employ more than 1,300 people from over 24 different nationalities across 9 locations. We welcome the opportunity to expand our collaboration with existing partners as well as to establish new partnerships, while remaining committed to our vision “to make a difference in people’s lives” through our everyday activities and our products.