Company Profile

Pharmathen is one of the leading complex drug delivery and formulation developers, using its key in-house technologies to support improved patient compliance.

Driven by innovation, the company specializes in one of the most extensive and technologically advanced pipelines in Long Acting Injectables (LAI), Sustained Release formulations and Preservative Free Ophthalmics. Pharmathen’s portfolio consists of over 100 products, produced at its facility in Sapes, Rodopi, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and at its modernized production unit in Pallini, Attica.

Pharmathen is constantly strengthening its portfolio with innovative technologies and Long-Acting Therapeutic Technologies (LATTs), due to the three fully certified technological platforms it has developed. As a result, Pharmathen can provide a wide range of therapies aimed at enhancing patient compliance for those previously receiving "conventional" treatment and create new Life Cycle Management (LCM) opportunities.

Pharmathen maintains a strong presence in all major markets and collaborates with the most significant organizations in the global pharmaceutical market, with a broad partner network in more than 80 countries worldwide. The company ranks among the top 50 pharmaceutical research companies in Europe and is one of the largest private sector investors in research and development in Greece, with steady investments of €35 million annually in the R&D sector.

Pharmathen proudly employs more than 1.350 people from over 24 different nationalities, with 54% of its total workforce being female and 70% of Pharmathen's Research Operations Team also being women. The company's enduring success is attributed to the passion for creativity, the ethics, and dedication of its people, who share the same values and remain committed to the company's vision of making a difference in people’s lives.