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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Pharmathen we are committed to our CSR mission; that is to make a positive impact on the lives of people, by ensuring that they enjoy better health. It is also our commitment to embrace a culture of responsibility and integrity within the workplace. In doing so, we constantly motivate our employees to become involved with the communities in which we operate, through volunteering, fund-raising and various environmental programs, aiming to reach the highest engagement levels across the group. We firmly believe that sustainability can only exist within a healthy society. To that end, our CSR strategy focuses on the following pillars:


When “I” becomes “We” everything is possible!

Our employees are the driving force in everything we do. We all share the same vision and values, and constantly inspire each other towards operational excellence. We are committed to ethical behavior, volunteerism and positive interactions that stimulate better relationships within the communities we serve. Our main goal is to remain a learning organization that constantly develops its human capital and enables people to exchange knowledge and ideas.


We work together to help create a brighter future

We constantly engage ourselves in activities that help to improve society, whether that is volunteerism, corporate initiatives or fund-raising. We support charities, donate equipment to local schools and hospitals, and are actively involved in programs that promote sports, education and culture supporting sensitive population groups.

As a responsible corporate citizen we:

  • Providing reliable and affordable pharmaceutical products
  • Engaging in philanthropic activities
  • Embracing cultural diversity
  • Selecting ethical business partners

Think Green—and give earth a chance

The protection of the environment is yet another essential part of our CSR strategy. We focus mainly on eliminating the environmental impact of our operations and, even though Pharmathen is a non-polluting industry, we actively try to improve our industrial methods and become more environment-friendly.

Our offices and facilities have been built according to energy-efficient designs and we recycle materials such as paper, ink cartridges and electrical equipment. Also, by cooperating with leading companies such as Polyeko SA & Intergeo which converts industrial waste into alternative fuel, we help to drive our environmental sustainability forward.

Some of our environmental policy highlights include:

  • Application of the proper measures and programs for preventing and limiting any possible pollution, protection of natural recipients and confrontation on emergency issues.
  • Evaluation, control and monitoring of the environmental consequences of the existing activities, including the evaluation and anticipation of the consequences resulting from the application of new production procedures when producing a new product or service.
  • Strict application and compliance with relevant environmental laws, regulations and additional requirements accepted.
  • Investments in anti-pollution technology directed at a continuous improvement of the environmental performance with the assistance of measurements, analyses and statistic processes of the environmental indexes.
  • Manufacturing facilities are designed and constructed according to: EU and FDA requirements, PIC/S, ICH, WHO, ISPE, ISO 14644, ISO 8573 and VDI 2083