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“Innovation is the translation of an idea, the creation of a change”

At Pharmathen we are changing the perception of conventional medication, improving the effectiveness of drug therapy and enhancing patient compliance.

As a research-oriented company, we aim at the development and registration of novel technologies, high quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and pharmaceutical products both in the field of generics and innovative formulations.


  • More than 100 products successfully developed and commercialized
  • Strong R&D pipeline of over 35 new products
  • Success in product development, 95%
  • First time Success in BE studies, 87%
  • 100% success in product approval by the International Authorities
  • Successfully developed and applied technology platforms for oral, parenteral and ocular administration
  • IP generation for more than 70% of our developments


Our Scientists are the most valuable asset, realizing company’s dreams and ambitions; Our R&D team consists of more than 220 scientists from different nationalities