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Technologies & Product Development

A. Sustained Release Parenteral Depots – Long Acting Injectables

We have been successfully involved in the emerging area of extended-release parenteral drug delivery. Our extensive know-how of core technologies has enabled us to develop a technology for Long Acting Injectables, which is able to release the drug in a constant manner over a specified period of time. This improves patient compliance and reduces administration and side effects. The technologies can be applied to the development of generic products but can also provide branding opportunities (LCM of already existing molecules).

Main technologies:

  • Biodegradable microparticles
  • Nanosuspensions
  • Self assembled nanogel systems

B. Modified Release Oral Formulations

We have successfully developed:

  • Sustained Release Matrices for highly soluble APIs in order to avoid non-desired initial release and/or dose dumping effect
  • Sustained Release Matrices for pH dependent APIs with unpredictable PK behavior
  • Chronotherapeutic Systems, where the drug is released according to circadian rhythm since in many diseases (e.g., hypertension, neurological disorders, asthma) the timing of symptoms follows the biological rhythms.
  • Delayed Release Systems for acid labile API’s to prevent dissolution in stomach.

C. Preservative free ophthalmic formulations

After having successfully penetrated the niche area of Ophthalmics, we have expanded our activities in this rapidly developing market by developing preservative free multidose ophthalmic formulations. PF Ophthalmics offer superior advantages over currently used treatments especially patients with a known history of non-tolerance to preservatives that are commonly used in multi dose ophthalmic products.

D. Solubility / Permeability Enhancement Technologies

We have developed a Novel Drug Delivery System for Class III compounds that exhibits improved bioavailability and thus improved dosage schemes. This technology has clear marketing advantages either by developing a product with lower dose (less adverse effects) or by optimizing the dosing frequency (better acceptance by patient).

We have also developed a novel dispersion technology applicable to low soluble drugs.