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Pharmathen fully equips the new scientific laboratory of the 3rd Gymnasium of Gerakas

The third-ranked school, where specialized equipment is provided for the young scientists of the future.

Pharmathen, one of the largest pharmaceutical industries in Greece and Europe, within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, has fully equipped the laboratory of the 3rd Gymnasium of Gerakas from the beginning, providing all the necessary and state-of-the-art equipment to meet the needs of students in all grades. This contribution aims to familiarize them deeply and experientially with the domain of science. The equipment was delivered on Tuesday, 27th February in the presence of the local community, company management, school director, as well as teachers.

With a strong sense of responsibility, the company prioritizes supporting the new generation and ensuring their access to high-quality information and education, so they have the best tools for their future. Concurrently, through its activities, Pharmathen strives to contribute to the empowerment of the local communities in which it actively operates and return part of its success to society.

Specifically, Pharmathen enhances the school's facilities by offering a modern and fully equipped laboratory for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geography/Geology to all students of the Gymnasium, helping them better understand their lessons and acquire new skills through experiments and research, while also enabling teachers to utilize advanced teaching methods.

This initiative follows the donation made at the end of 2022 by Pharmathen, equipping with state-of-the-art technology the laboratories of the 6th Experimental Gymnasium of Alexandroupolis and the 3rd Experimental Lyceum of Komotini, confirming its commitment to consistently promote scientific knowledge and innovation through the enhancement of the educational process.

Mr. Dimitris Kadis, CEO of Pharmathen, stated: "At Pharmathen, we believe that scientific education and training are vital for the empowerment of society as a whole. In this context, we continue to invest consistently in the future of students in the areas where we operate, through initiatives that provide them with all the necessary tools to familiarize themselves with the domain of science and evolve into future scientists.".

Mr. Michalis Arampatzis, Principal of the 3rd Gymnasium of Gerakas, expressed his gratitude, stating: "We warmly thank Pharmathen for its generous contribution to the creation of our school's scientific laboratory. This sponsorship is extremely important for us, as it will allow us to expand our students' knowledge of the scientific domain through the use of the most advanced equipment and continue our vision for substantial education and continuous improvement of our facilities."

Pharmathen Press Release in Greek

Pharmathen Press Release in English

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