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Press Release: Pharmathen aids 150 flood-affected families in Kileler Municipality

Pharmathen, with its donation, provides relief to 150 families of the Municipality of Kileler who have been affected by the devastating floods.

Pharmathen, a leading European company in complex drug production and formulation development, with a strong sense of responsibility and responding to the urgent needs arising from the floods Daniel and Elias in Thessaly, has donated 250 beds and mattresses to 150 families in the Municipality of Kileler, to alleviate the suffering of those affected. The delivery of the donated materials took place on Monday, December 18, to representatives of the Municipality, with the aim of distributing them to the villages that have suffered the most significant damage to their infrastructure, including Sotirio, Armenio, Megalo Monastery, Kileler, Niki, and Kalo Nero.

This specific donation is a continuation of the initial aid provided by Pharmathen to the affected individuals, which involved ready-to-eat, cooked meals in a long-lasting preserved form, along with clothing, waterproof suits, masks, and disinfectants. The purpose is to actively contribute and assist in addressing the immediate needs that arose for the residents after the disaster.

Mr. Dimitris Kadis, CEO of Pharmathen, stated: "At Pharmathen, we believe in the power of solidarity, and we actively support our fellow citizens. Following the devastating floods in Thessaly, we stand by the residents of the Municipality of Kileler and want to contribute to the reconstruction of these communities. Through this donation, we express our deep sympathy and our intention to stand by those who have been affected."

Mr. Thanasis Nasiakopoulos, Mayor of the Municipality of Kileler, stated: "We greatly thank Pharmathen, that, from the beginning, responded promptly and sensitively to the needs that arose in our municipality, effectively supporting the residents of our villages who suffered significant damage at their properties. In this challenging period, such actions are particularly important for us to be able to fulfill our duties. Through this donation, we will address one of the basic daily needs for 150 families in our municipality.".

Pharmathen Press Release in Greek

Pharmathen Press Release in English

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