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Ranking even Higher among Companies that are Distinguished for their Investments in Research

Ranking even higher among companies that are distinguished for their investments in Research on the basis of the 2014 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard.

  • Top Greek company in research investments for yet another year
  • One of the 50 leading companies (42nd position) on the basis of investments in Research among the 4500 pharmaceutical companies operating in the EU
  • Ranked in 370th place among the 1000 largest research companies in the EU

Athens, 9 December 2014 – Pharmathen received the aforementioned distinctions for 2014, according to the European Commission’s "2014 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard". The places occupied by the Company this year rank it even higher on the list of companies investing in Research in the European Union. More specifically, Pharmathen this year holds the 42nd place among 4500 pharmaceutical companies (46th place in 2013), while it rose 65 places in relation to 2013, occupying the 370th place among the 1000 largest research companies in the EU, regardless of sector (435th place in 2013). 

The President of Pharmathen, Mr. Vasileios Katsos, states on the occasion of Pharmathen’s recent award: "Pharmathen has received a distinction again this year for being the leading Greek company in Research investments and it is constantly rising up “The 2014 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard” list which shows beyond a doubt that our Company is directly innovative and competitive in the Research & Development sector at an international level. The fact that Pharmathen is ranked among the 50 largest research companies enhances the element of diversification which characterizes Pharmathen’s business model worldwide. Scientific method is for us the cornerstone of our business activity and we shall soon be in a position to announce the new, innovative achievements made by the Research & Development sector at our Company".  

The Vice-President of Research and Industrial Operations at Pharmathen, Mr. Evangelos Karavas, says in a statement "The consistency and continuity we show at Pharmathen in the Research & Development of innovative products and technologies, has brought exclusive achievements for our Company, culminating in the LAI (Long Activating Injectable) technology. In this context, gaining distinction for our commitment to the R&D sector is for us on the one hand, moral reward, and on the other, confirmation of the focus strategy we have chosen for a number of years". 

Since 2007 Pharmathen has been included in this particular list every year, constantly investing more than 20 million Euros annually in Research & Development. The Company recently received funding from the European Investment Bank to support its investment plan in the R&D sector, making it the only Greek private company for which the European organization has approved funding.